Give the Gift of Sight

Thank You, Eye Donors

April is National Donate Life Month—a great time to share the message of restoring sight and life through donation!

More than 100,000 Americans are currently in need of eye, tissue, or organ donations. That is the bad news. One donor has the potential to save or enhance more than 60 lives. That is the good news. Every year, more than 1,500 generous individuals from Minnesota, eastern North Dakota, or western Wisconsin improve the lives of people they will never meet by becoming donors after death. We salute you!


Eye Donor

Student, musician, beloved son, brother, and fiancé, AJ was diagnosed with alveolar soft part sarcoma, a rare cancer, at age 24. Despite a tremendous fight, he passed away in January 2009.  Photo of AJ

Growing up, AJ was familiar with the topics of donation and transplantation. His father, Brian, is a Minnesota Lions club member and a cornea recipient. Because generous cornea donors restored his dad's vision, AJ had made sure that "DONOR" was on his license.

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Cornea Transplant Recipient

Returning home from his first cornea transplant, Brian could for the first time see well enough to notice handprints all along the hallway wall, where night after night he'd been groping his way to bed.  Photo of Brian"I told my wife, 'We have to paint these!'"

Brian's transplants were career-saving, giving him 20/20 vision with contacts, and he started looking for ways to give back. "When you can't see and then suddenly you can, you want to help others."

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