The Minnesota Lions Eye Bank helps restore sight through eye donation.

Our eye bank obtains, medically evaluates, and distributes donor eyes for cornea transplants, research, and education. By distributing more than 1,000 corneas for transplant and 1,000 eyes for research every year, the eye bank helps ensure that as many people as possible receive the gift of sight.

  • Photo of eye donor Cheryl

    Cheryl's Story: Eye Donor

    Cheryl loved her family and helping others. A consummate volunteer, she taught Sunday School, helped coach T-Ball, and was a Lions club member.

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  • Photo of corneal recipient Jim

    Jim's Story: Cornea Transplant Recipient

    Jim was lucky in love but ill-fated when it came to his eyesight. He suffered from keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that caused the cornea to thin and the vision to become distorted.

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